Saturday, May 21, 2011

Peter's plan

I got inspired by: The origins of Linux[2]

I was bored and looking for genuine challenges! I think I found it! I'll become Linux Kernel Developer. This goal is turning my boredom into fun!

My 4 fun steps plan:
1 - Update my 2006 article about kernel modification. The updated version will follow the community rules, and will expand concepts explanation.
2 - Read three books that Linus talks about: C Programming Language, The Design of the Unix Operating System, and Operating Systems Design and Implementation.
3 - After being away from the keyboard to read the books... Start to hunt and kill Kernel Bugs. Today I would choose to do this at Device Mapper or at Memory Swapping.
4 - Becoming productive! This means being able to make patches that are accepted by the Kernel Development community.

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