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Printing SPARSE errors during Linux Kernel Compilation

" Sparse, the semantic parser, provides a compiler frontend capable of parsing most of ANSI C as well as many GCC extensions, and a collection of sample compiler backends, including a static analyzer also called "sparse". Sparse provides a set of annotations designed to convey semantic information about types, such as what address space pointers point to, or what locks a function acquires or releases. " There is more about SPARSE here . To check files that will be compiled with SPARSE: $ make C=1 To check all files with SPARSE, even the ones that will not be compiled: $ make C=2

Compiler warning messages for Linux Kernel

To enable compiler warning messages to be printed during compilation, add W=1 on the make command line like: $ make W=1 drivers/media/dvb/frontends/stv090x.o See this for description of warning level options.