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Adding a serial console to the Buffalo Air Station WZR-1750DHP

Playing with custom kernels and OpenWRT... It took me more than a month to flash a kernel that won't boot, but I did it yesterday. So the only way was to open the case, and connect the cables to access the serial console. Here is what I learned. Before you start Tools For opening the case you will need to remove two screws that are similar to those of mobile phones. I don't know the type name nor the size, so I recommend you to check type and size before starting. The screws are under the adhesive on the back of the router near the power plug and the mode button. UPDATE: Matt Sealey posted a comment saying that the screws are Torx T6. Thank you Matt! USB to Serial You will need something to connect your computer to the serial interface of the router. The most common solution is to use an USB to serial adapter. There are plenty of options, but I'm using this one that I bought on Ebay for less than € 10. Search for 'FT232RL' on your favorite online store.